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ALFI Member Directory - Non-Fund Members 

Please find below the entire list of ALFI's Non-Fund members.

You can search members by category by using the search by type option on the left.
Non-Fund Members (366) 
Company Name
AAC S.à.r.l.
Aberdeen Global Services S.A.
Acarda S.à r.l.
ACOLIN (Luxembourg) S.A.
Adeis S.A.
Adepa Asset Management S.A.
Aequitax S.A.
AEW S.à r.l.
AIG Europe Limited - Luxembourg Branch
AKD Luxembourg S.à r.l.
Alceda Fund Management S.A.
Allegro S.à r.l.
Allen & Overy
Allfunds Bank International S.A.
AllianceBernstein (Luxembourg) S.à r.l.
Almagest Wealth Management S.A.
Alpha Financial Markets Consulting (Luxembourg) S.A.
Alpha Investor Services Management
Alter Domus Luxembourg S.à r.l.
Amicorp Luxembourg
Amundi Global Servicing
Amundi Luxembourg S.A.
Andbank Asset Management Luxembourg S.A.
ANF Luxembourg S.A.
APEX Fund Services (Malta) Limited, Luxembourg Branch
Arendt & Medernach S.A.
Arendt Regulatory & Consulting S.A.
Arkus Financial Services S.A.
Assenagon Asset Management S.A.
ATOZ Tax Advisers Luxembourg
Attrax S.A.
Aurexia Luxembourg S.à r.l.
avantage Reply (Luxembourg) S.à r.l.
Avega Revision S.à r.l.
Aviva Investors Luxembourg S.A.
Aztec Financial Services (Luxembourg) S.A.
Badenoch & Clark
Baker & McKenzie Luxembourg
Bank of China Limited Luxembourg Branch
Bank of Communications (Luxembourg) S.A.
Banque de Luxembourg S.A.
Banque de Patrimoines Privés
Banque Degroof Petercam Luxembourg S.A.
Banque Havilland S.A.
Banque Internationale à Luxembourg S.A.
BAUM Management S.à.r.l.
Bel Air Partners Management Consulting S.A.
bepartners Bödecker Ernst & Partner
BIL Manage Invest S.A.
BlueBay Funds Management Company S.A.
BNP Paribas Real Estate Investment Management Luxembourg S.A.
BNP Paribas Securities Services, succursale de Luxembourg
BNP Paribas Wealth Management (Luxembourg)
BNY Mellon Fund Management (Luxembourg) S.A.
Bonn & Schmitt Avocats
Bonn Steichen & Partners
BPI Global Investment Fund Management Company S.A.
Bravura Solutions (UK) Limited
Brown Brothers Harriman (Luxembourg) S.C.A.
BRP Bizzozero & Partners S.A.
Bültmann Advisory S.à r.l.
Buren avocats
CA Asset Management Luxembourg
CACEIS Bank, Luxembourg Branch
Calastone Limited
Candriam Luxembourg
Carne Global Financial Services, Luxembourg S.à r.l.
Casa4Funds S.A.
Castlelake (TCS II Lu S.à r.l.)
CBRE Global Investors Luxembourg AIFM S.à r.l.
CETREL Securities S.A.
Charles Russell Speechlys Luxembourg
Circle Investment Support Services (Luxembourg) S.A.
Citco Bank Nederland N.V. Luxembourg Branch
Citco Fund Services (Luxembourg) S.A.
Citibank Europe plc, Luxembourg Branch
Clearstream Banking S.A.
Clément & Avocats
Clifford Chance
CMS Luxembourg
Commerz Funds Solutions S.A.
Compagnie de Banque Privée Quilvest S.A.
Compagnie Financière de Ficquelmont S.à r.l.
Confluence International Limited
Conventum Asset Management
Corestate Capital Fund Management S.à r.l.
Creatrust S.à r.l.
Credit Suisse Fund Management S.A.
Credit Suisse Fund Services (Luxembourg) S.A.
Crestbridge Management Company S.A.
Crestbridge S.A.
D. Law S.à r.l.
Danske Invest Management Company
Davy Investment Fund Services
Dechert (Luxembourg) LLP
Degroof Petercam Asset Services S.A.
Deloitte Luxembourg
Dentons Luxembourg
Deutsche Bank Luxembourg S.A.
Diamos Luxembourg S.A.
DJE Investment S.A.
DLA Piper Luxembourg
DLP Law Firm S.à r.l.
DMS Investment Management Services (Europe) Limited – Luxembourg Branch
DNB Asset Management S.A.
DNCA Finance Luxembourg
Docunify IP Company S.A.
Domos FS Limited
Donnelley Financial Solutions Luxembourg S.à r.l.
Donner & Reuschel Luxembourg S.A.
Drooms AG
DS Compliance S.à r.l.
Duff & Phelps (Luxembourg) Management Company S.à r.l.
East Capital Asset Management S.A.
East-West United Bank S.A.
Eastspring Investments (Luxembourg) S.A.
ECE Real Estate Partners S.à r.l.
Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management (Luxembourg)
EFG Bank (Luxembourg) S.A.
EFG Fund Management S.A.
Eiffel Investment Group S.à r.l.
Elvinger Hoss Prussen S.A.
Equiom (Luxembourg) S.A.
Eri Bancaire Luxembourg S.A.
Ernst & Young S.A.
ESecLending Europe Limited
Eurizon Capital S.A.
Eurobank Fund Management Company (Luxembourg) S.A.
Eurobank Private Bank (Luxembourg) S.A.
Euroclear SA/NV
European Capital Partners (Luxembourg) S.A.
European Fund Administration S.A.
European Investment Fund
Eversheds Sutherland (Luxembourg) LLP
Exane Asset Management Luxembourg
Experta Corporate and Fund Services S.A., Luxembourg
F2C S.à r.l
Falcon Fund Management (Luxembourg) S.A.
Felten & Associés
Fiducenter S.A.
Fondaco Lux S.A.
Franklin Templeton International Services S.à r.l.
FTI Consulting LLP
Fuchs Asset Management S.A.
Fund Channel S.A.
Fund Solutions S.C.A.
FundAssist S.à r.l.
FundPartner Solutions (Europe) S.A.
FundRock Management Company S.A.
Fundsquare S.A.
GAM (Luxembourg) S.A.
GAMBIT Financial Solutions S.A.
Gemini Governance & Advisory Solutions S.à r.l.
Global Funds Management S.A.
Global General Partner S.A.
GNB International Management S.A.
Golding Capital Partners (Luxembourg) S.à r.l.
Goldman Sachs Asset Management International
Goodman Europe (Lux) S.à r.l. - 2Gears S.A.
Grant Thornton Financial Services S.A.
GSK Luxembourg S.A.
Hansainvest Lux S.A.
Harmonic Fund Services Luxembourg S.A.
Hauck & Aufhäuser Alternative Investment Services S.A.
Hauck & Aufhäuser Fund Services S.A.
HedgeServ (Luxembourg) S.à r.l.
Heitman International S.à r.l.
Herausgebergemeinschaft WERTPAPIER-MITTEILUNGEN Keppler, Lehmann GmbH & Co. KG - WM Datenservice
Hines Luxembourg S.à r.l.
Hogan Lovells (Luxembourg) LLP
HSBC Bank plc, Luxembourg Branch
HSBC Investment Funds (Luxembourg) S.A.
i-Hub S.A.
ICBC (Europe) S.A.
ICG Luxembourg S.à.r.l.
IDS GmbH - Analysis and Reporting Services
IFB Lux S.A.
IMBARNES consult S.à r.l.
Imprimerie Centrale S.A.
Innpact S.à r.l.
InReg S.à r.l.
Inter Fund Management S.A.
International Financial Data Services Luxembourg S.A. (IFDS)
Intertrust (Luxembourg) S.à r.l.
Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Luxembourg S.A.
Invesco Real Estate Management S.à r.l.
IPConcept (Luxemburg) S.A.
Ipes (Luxembourg) S.A.
IQ Solutions S.à r.l.
Iteram Hottinger & Cie
J. Safra Sarasin Fund Management (Luxembourg) S.A.
J.P. Morgan Bank Luxembourg S.A.
JAB Consumer Fund Management S.à r.l.
JPMorgan Asset Management (Europe) S.à r.l.
JTC (Luxembourg) S.A.
KBC Asset Management S.A.
KBL European Private Bankers S.A.
KellyConsult S.à r.l.
Kieger (Luxembourg) S.A.
KNEIP Communication S.A.
KPMG Luxembourg, Société coopérative
Kredietrust Luxembourg S.A.
La Française AM International
Langham Hall Luxembourg S.à r.l.
Lapithus Management S.à r.l.
Lasalle Investment Management Luxembourg S.à r.l.
Lemanik Asset Management S.A.
LHI Management Luxemburg S.A.
Linari Law Firm
Linedata Services Luxembourg S.A.
Link Asset Services
Lombard Odier Funds (Europe) S.A.
Lone Star Capital Investments S.à r.l.
Loyens & Loeff Luxembourg S.à r.l.
Luther S.A.
Luxcellence Management Company S.A.
M Partners S.à r.l.
Mainfirst Affiliated Fund Managers S.A.
Maitland Luxembourg S.A.
Mazars Luxembourg
MDO Management Company S.A.
ME Business Solutions S.à r.l.
MEAG Luxembourg S.à r.l.
Mediobanca Management Company S.A.
MFEX Mutual Funds Exchange AB
MFS Investment Management Company (Lux) S.à r.l.
Mizuho Trust & Banking (Luxembourg) S.A.
MJ Hudson Management S.A.
Molitor, Avocats à la Cour
Mont Blanc Consult S.à r.l.
Moore Stephens Audit S.A.
More Carrot (Europe) S.à r.l.
Morgan Stanley Investment Management Limited, Luxembourg Branch
Morningstar Luxembourg S.à r.l.
Movestic Fund Management S.A.
MPL Services (Luxembourg) S.A.
much-net financial software & services S.à r.l.
MUFG Lux Management Company S.A.
Multifonds / IGEFI Group S.à r.l.
MW Gestion Luxembourg S.A.
Nadi Solutions S.à r.l.
Natixis Bank
Natixis Investment Managers S.A.
NautaDutilh Avocats Luxembourg S.à r.l.
NeoXam International S.à r.l.
Nordea Investment Funds S.A.
Nordic Fund Services S.A.
Northern Trust Luxembourg Management Company S.A.
Norton Rose Fulbright Luxembourg
Ocorian (Luxembourg) S.A.
Optimum Asset Management (Luxembourg) S.A.
Orbis Investment Management (Luxembourg) S.A.
PAI Partners S.à r.l.
Partners Group (Luxembourg) S.A.
Parva S.p.A.
PATRIZIA Real Estate Investment Management S.à r.l.
Patronas Financial Systems GmbH
Pharus Management Lux S.A.
Pictet Asset Management (Europe) S.A.
PIMCO Global Advisors (Luxembourg) S.A.
PO Participations S.A.
Point Nine Limited
Pramerica Real Estate Investors (Luxembourg) S.A.
PRAXIS Luxembourg S.A.
PricewaterhouseCoopers, Société Coopérative
Prisma S.A.
Profidata Services AG
ProLogis Management Services S.à r.l.
ProService Finteco Sp. z o. o.
Quaestio Capital Management Societa Di Gestione Del Risparmio S.P.A. - Luxembourg Branch
Quamvest S.A.
Quilvest Luxembourg Services S.A.
RBC Investor Services Bank S.A.
RBS International, Luxembourg Branch
Renta 4 Luxembourg
Riva Financial Systems Limited, Luxembourg Branch
Royalton Partners S.A.
RSM Financial Services Luxembourg
Saltgate S.A.
Sanne Group (Luxembourg) S.A.
Savills Investment Management (Luxembourg) S.à.r.l.
SEB Fund Services S.A.
SimCorp A/S
Simmons & Simmons Luxembourg LLP
SIX Financial Information Luxembourg S.A.
Skagen AS
SMBC Nikko Investment Fund Management Company S.A.
Société de la Bourse de Luxembourg S.A.
Société Générale Bank & Trust
Société Générale Private Wealth Management S.A.
Société Générale Securities Services Luxembourg
Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
Söderberg & Partners Asset Management S.A.
Sowatec AG
SS&C (Luxembourg) S.à r.l.
Star Consult S.à.r.l.
Starwood Capital Funds Services Lux
State Street Services (Luxembourg) S.A.
Statpro Benelux S.A. / Statpro Group PLC
Stibbe Avocats
SwanCap Investment Management S.A.
Swedbank AB (publ) Luxembourg Branch
Swedbank Management Company S.A.
Swiss Life Fund Management (Lux) S.A.
SYZ Asset Management (Luxembourg) S.A.
Telindus S.A.
The Bank of New York Mellon S.A./NV, Luxembourg Branch
Thomas Murray Data Services
Thomson Reuters (Market) S.A.
Tishman Speyer Europe S.à r.l.
TMF Compliance (Luxembourg) S.A.
TMF Fund Services (Luxembourg) S.A.
TPG Capital Luxembourg S.à r.l.
Tradition Luxembourg S.A.
Transperfect S.à r.l.
Trident Trust Company (Luxembourg) S.A.
Trinova S.A.
TRIUVA Luxembourg S.à r.l.
UBS Fund Management (Luxembourg) S.A.
UBS Fund Services (Luxembourg) S.A.
UBS Third Party Management Company S.A.
Union Investment Financial Services S.A.
Union Investment Luxembourg S.A.
United International Management S.A.
Value & Risk Valuation Services Luxembourg
VAM Global Management Company S.A.
Van Campen Liem Luxembourg S.à r.l.
Victor Buck Services S.A.
Virtus Partners Fund Services Luxembourg S.à r.l.
Vistra Fund Services S.à r.l.
von der Heydt Invest S.A.
Vontobel Asset Management S.A.
VP Fund Solutions (Luxembourg) S.A.
VWD group Belgium NV
Wafra Capital Partners (Luxembourg) S.à r.l.
Warburg Invest Luxembourg S.A.
Wavestone Luxembourg S.A.
Wells Fargo Asset Management Luxembourg S.A.
Wildgen S.A.
Wirtz - Avocats à la Cour
WRM Capital Asset Management S.à r.l.
zeb/ GmbH
Zeus Asset Management S.A.